CBD balm for dogs paws

CBD Balm for dogs paws?

Exalted Naturals is a creator of Natural Care Products for Life and Sport. The current focus is CBD products and Balms. We are talking about life here and our 4 legged friends friends are a beautiful part of it. From sled pullers to service dogs, lap dogs to Great Danes, athletic partners to moral support dogs; we love our canines...at least I hope you do, and if you don’t; please find a home that does. So with all that being said, let’s talk about CBD Balms for dogs. 

They make CBD Balms for dogs?

Yes there are products out there, including one that will be offered here shortly. So Exalted Naturals version won’t be the first but it surely will be well thought out. Maybe it will have a natural beef flavor...never-mind. Whether it’s catching frisbees, pulling a sled, hiking up a hill or walking on hot pavement, their paws can take a beating. Imagine if you were always barefoot. A CBD salve could be a great solution. 

How to choose a CBD salve for my dogs paws?

When I mentioned beef flavor earlier, it was a joke. I figure a dog would lick that off before it had a chance to work. Dogs have an Endocannabinoid system just like humans do. This is why CBD pet products have started to gain traction. Many people use tinctures for their dogs anxiety issues, as well as sore joints and more and have reported amazing results. You also hear stories of dogs not having the best reaction to CBD products that are full spectrum.  A CBD product that’s full spectrum will also contain a trace amount of THC 0.3 percent. This dose is not psycho active to humans but dogs are extra sensitive to THC. Even if it’s a balm, since they will lick it.

What kind of CBD is ok for pets?

When using a CBD topical for dogs, it’s my opinion that you are best to stick with a Broad Spectrum Hemp distillate which is a form of processing where the CBD molecules along with the other minor constituents such as CBG, CBN are part of the distillate and the THC is Isolated and removed. Dogs are known to be very sensitive to THC.  There are several essential oils that aren’t good for dogs and cats.  A few essential oils that are known to be healing and also regarded as safe for dogs can be used for joint issues but remember they will lick anything that smells good to them.

How do CBD paws balms help?

While we can’t make direct claims about CBD products, we can share opinion about what works. You can also perform your own research.  We know that dogs exposure to hot pavement, pulling sleds, running around, hiking trails with you and more, can put a beating on their pads. CBD is known to help with inflammation, soreness, dry skin conditions and more.  Many owners have seen great improvement to dry and cracked pads, as well as dry noses and more.  Paws balm are also known to be great for other skin irritations.  Just make sure you choose a product that’s free of THC or anything like artificial scents or scent oils etc.  Remember they will lick it so a food grade product with Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate is your best bet.  Make sure the CBD is processed with Food Grade Ethanol and free of any nasty solvents  

When they lick it off their paws, maybe they get an anti anxiety effect from ingesting it too? Just food for thought. Along with the CBD, A good balm should be free of any petro-chemicals or alcohols etc. A food grade product with oils such as coconut oil and plant butters are suggestible since they are known to condition the paws and moisturize, also you won’t have to worry about what your dog is ingesting. A good balm will also have a wax component to it, Candelilla wax (A Beeswax substitute) is what we use in our human balms since it’s a humectant, which means it forms a barrier and holds in moisture, it’s also suitable for everyone’s diet whether conventional, paleo, vegan or vegetarian.  Dogs can also be allergic to bees, so it’s best to avoid Beeswax. 



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