CBD Balms and massage guns. A winning combo for Life and Sport.

CBD balm for use with Massage Guns. 


Hello and welcome to the Exalted Naturals Life and Sport Blog. It’s a Sunday night and I’m finally able to talk about my experience of using Exalted Naturals CBD balms with my massage gun, also known as a percussion massager.  You may or may not know what a massage gun is so let’s start by giving you an idea of what I’m talking about:

You ever hang in there too long and wish you just rested? 

What is a Massage Gun or Percussion Massager?

A percussion massager is considered a breakthrough treatment for overworked muscles and has become quite common as a tool for muscle recovery after hard work days, workouts and simply for a fill in when not able to schedule a massage, too busy, or it’s simply not in the budget. 

How does a massage gun work?

This type of massage provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body's muscle tissue (hence the name percussion massager) as its head oscillates back and forth. Massage Therapists-Body Workers have traditionally used a series of light strikes from the hands or wrists to the given muscle group to get this effect. Thats the awesome Karate chop thing they sometimes do😊

Nothing replaces a great massage therapist but a massage is not always possible due to many reasons and may not be in the budget. A massage gun allows athletes, weekend warriors, those with labor intensive jobs and anyone with muscles in need of some attention get a similar benefit in the comfort of their own home. 

Look around at the gym; many weight lifters love massage guns and they are a gym bag staple for some. I was introduced to them by a long time lifter at my local gym. I tried it on my shoulder and was instantly hooked, I’ll talk a bit about my experience here in a few. Let’s talk about the benefits. 

Benefits of massage guns for muscle recovery and beyond:


  • The use of percussion massagers are said to accelerate growth and repair of tissues as well as pain relief by increasing blood flow to the area. 
  • Massage Guns relax connective tissue. 
  • They help to break down adhesions and scar tissue. 
  • Elongation of muscle fiber, especially when spasms, stiffness and restrictions are present. 
  • Relaxation and improved sleep. 
  • Increased circulation. 
  • Fosters an ideal environment for muscle recovery. 

My experience with massage gun used with CBD Balm:

After trying the massage gun at my local gym, thanks to the legendary bodybuilder who let me give it a try, then decided I needed to get one. There were several choices on the market and I decided on a middle of the road version cost wise by the brand Sharper Image, it works great and comes with 5 attachments for usage on different muscle groups. 

I was dealing with a strained muscle somewhere in my left forearm; my arm seemed to rotate out of whack when finishing a set of chin ups and decided to do a 1 arm hang which basically ended in pain which lingered 3 weeks. I could not seem to make it better and it sucked because training keeps me grounded. It was time, my massage drill was fully charged; then I selected the flat attachment and went to work on my forearm, it felt great but something was missing! After thinking for a few minutes it dawned on me...Eureka!!! A jar of CBD balm, even though several massage therapists use these balms with great success it took a second.

So I grabbed a jar of my Exalted Naturals Life and Sport CBD Balm for massages. The 600mg version with Copaiba and Frankincense, you can use any version in the line up of course and even though I called it a balm for percussion massagers, it’s actually multi purpose and most well known for joint pain, you can read about each balm on the products section of website. 

Ok so back on track. I applied about a quarter size amount of the balm to my forearm and it greatly improved the glide of the massage gun attachment over my arm. I worked from the wrist (Distal) towards my biceps area (Proximal) eventually I identified what seemed to be a trigger point, then switched attachments to work on the trigger point with the cone attachment and eventually back to the flat attachment to massage any knots out.

So how did the CBD balm with massage gun work?

 The CBD topical improved the glide of the massage gun and the massage gun seemed to compliment the effectiveness of the balm, I could feel the pain in the area relaxing away, the knots dissipated and the wonderful analgesic potential of the CBD-Copaiba-Frankincense Balm was magnified greatly by the percussive massager. The end result was this, my forearm improved and was back to doing chin ups after a delay of over 3 weeks.  

  • The CBD balm increased the glide of the massage gun attachments. 
  • The massage gun seemed to make the balm even more effective. 
  • The combo effect was better than using each as a stand alone (Only the balm or only the massage gun.)

If you’re looking for a CBD balm for use with a massage gun, you may find Exalted Naturals Balms to be helpful. 

Whether you’re looking for relief for pain brought about by Life or by Sport; Exalted Naturals CBD Topicals are For Life and Sport.  We are barred from making medical claims and that’s OK, I am

however very confident in my products which many have reported to work very well. 🌲☀️🌊

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