CBD Topicals for Life and Sport. Who is Exalted Naturals?

Who is Exalted Naturals?

Hello and thank you for tuning in to the Exalted Naturals Life and Sport CBD blog. Exalted Naturals is a producer of Natural CBD Topicals for Life and Sport and located in San Diego, CA. Exalted Naturals is dedicated to producing an accessible and high quality product line of CBD Topicals in small batches, that are made from clean botanical ingredients, plant butters, plant waxes, essential oil terpenes and of course pure CBD originating from American Hemp grown using Organic methods, all of Exalted Naturals options are packaged in attractive Glass jars that can be re-purposed or very easily recycled, as well as helping to maintain the integrity of the products.

  • No animal testing or products
  • Fair pricing and access 
  • 100% product guarantee 
  • Free of any unnecessary extra packaging, good for the Earth and good for the pricing to consumer. 
  • For Life and Sport

The Founder:

Hello my name is Mark Paolera, a San Diego, CA native. I’m an active lover of the outdoors and the beauty this Earth offers, hiking and mountain biking as well as weight lifting are some of my favorites, my background of Kinesiology is part of Exalted Naturals foundation, in fact I’m still in school part time and evolving, you know Biology and things.

In 2009 My love for natural products led me to starting an eco friendly specialty cleaning company which is still operational and making people smile.  It’s during this time that I created natural cleaning soaps with Castile and essential oils to be used in window cleaning and other services we offer. I picked up bits and pieces from local crafters of Natural Care Products and became who were clients of mine and around town and became interested more and more interested in clean personal care products.

The Evolution:

A Hodgkins Lymphoma battle that was and is quite dynamic led me towards building upon my interests and bringing something helpful to the world. It began with making an amazing natural deodorant as well as a tooth cleaning powder, during off days I would test my natural deodorant on hikes and in the gym, self care is viral these days as it should be.  I became a certified clinical aromatherapist to build my knowledge base and refine the products Exalted Produces.  During this time, balms started to become my focus and created a few versions that were powered by essential oils and other botanicals such as Arnica. They were tested after workouts, after treatments and by people dealing with arthritis and more.  I felt a strong desire share what has worked or me, I began to use and test them daily.

Cannabis and CBD have always been an important part of my recovery from gym sessions, heavy work days and of course after treatments for Hodgkins Lymphoma.  I started using a couple CBD creams for testing and one issue was always the ingredient panel on the back, usually full of fillers with a small amount of CBD, full of petroleum chemicals or grossly over priced.  I knew I could do better, so the focus shifted to creation of balms and to stay focused on one genre of product and CBD became an addition to these great balm recipes.

CBD Topicals for Life, CBD Topicals for Sport.

Targeted topical CBD that reaches those who need it, is the goal.  Whether you need relief from arthritis pain in your hands, sore shoulders from heavy lifting at work or in the gym or relief of a sore neck and headache caused from sitting at the computer all day, these balms are for Life and Sport.  You like to run but your knees don’t? CBD Topicals for runners knee is a thing these days.  

From workout recovery, to recovery from physical work days, or just needing a little aromatherapy, these balms are tested by real people in real situations.  


Small batch production along with clean botanical and food grade ingredients.

You have likely heard the term small batch production applied to high end food products and craft beer amongst other items but it’s most often applied to consumable products, so if we produce balms that are for use on the skins surface; why would small batch matter? Here is the answer.

A natural Care product such as our CBD salves are made up of mostly food grade ingredients and when created, they act as such. These topicals are different than the mass produced balms that contain petroleum chemicals, stabilizers and often times are produced with many filler ingredients and over built packaging with a focus on marketing over quality.

The plant waxes and butters in the balms could be eaten if you really felt like it and as we know coconut oil and avocado oils etc are used culinary applications more than in skin care, so the safety of these ingredients is second to none. Many people are becoming aware of the diversity of these oils and moving away from the toxic ingredients lining the supermarket shelves.

Now as an aromatherapist and considering we are speaking of Food Grade, I will tell you to avoid ingesting essential oils including arnica oil. These ingredients are for aromatherapy and topical applications. So what about the CBD? It’s ok and common to ingest for its therapeutic benefits, just not when it’s blended in a balm, these are for application to skin.

The way the food grade base ingredients act when blended over indirect heat is one reason we produce in small batches. When blending plant waxes like candelilla wax, along with CBD and other butters and oils, there is a certain window of time as to where the blend has cooled enough to be able to add the essential oils without making them evaporate but still warm enough that the blend can be poured into jars before it turns hard and you basically ruin a batch. 

Even if production scales, the batches would still remain small in order to turn out a consistent and high quality product. 

CBD balms in glass jars, why does Exalted Naturals use glass jars?

There are several reasons; one of them is to be a part of a shift, we’re not here to eco shame anybody. We can’t go on harping about natural products and then package them in plastic. There is a problem with plastic, the main problem is that it can only be recycled a few times, and most plastic never gets recycled, so it ends up in landfills and of course in the ocean. Glass on the other hand is infinitely recyclable and even if it ends up in the ocean, it turns to sea glass over time. The intent is that you either recycle the jar or re purpose it, so don’t go toss it in the ocean, most common re purpose is for, screws, knick knacks, spices and they even work great as salt and pepper shakers. We love Glass Jars! Pictured below is Seaglass, much better than plastic in the ocean  


Seaglass on beach.

We aren’t perfect, there is still labels on the jar and we still use small plastic containers for samples, minimal packaging is good for the environment and saves the end consumer money. 

More bits and pieces about Exalted Naturals and access for those who need it.

An accessible product is important; helping people find relief is important. Fair pricing for the class of product is important as is assuring that people who need the balms are able to give them a try. If you can’t afford the product due to hardships financially, loss of income or health challenges contact us at exaltednaturals619@gmail.com and we will create a solution for you. 

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