Copaiba and Frankincense Combine with CBD for Topical pain relief.

Let the Exalted Naturals Life and Sport Blog Begin...again 

Hello and happy Saturday; this post is being written on Saturday for those who may be wondering what I’m talking about.  Today’s Blog is a short one that relates to one of my favorite botanical oils that is gaining a cult like following amongst those dealing with sore muscles, joint pain, arthritic condition and an array of other things such as anxiety, skin in need of soothing and even Libido. Is the suspense getting to you...or did the blog title give it away? 

Copaiba Oleoresin and Copaiba Essential Oil. 

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Copaiba oil for topical pain relief.

There is empirical evidence that essential oils  such as Copaiba, when used topically, may provide relief to people with muscle soreness due to over use, hard work days or giving it a good effort at the gym, there is even more of a buzz about Copaiba and joint pain relief. Copaiba is similar to CBD oil in the sense that it works with the same receptors on the skins surface, CB2 receptors react with Copaiba in the same manner that CBD does.

Are Copaiba and CBD the same? 

No they are not the same, CBD in its most common and legal form is distilled from Hemp which is the form of Cannabis which is higher in  CBD up to 20% and on the low end of the scale when it comes to THC >=0.3 percent, a trace amount which is considered legal industrial Hemp, which is also used for fiber and other amazing applications.  Copaiba Oleoresin is tapped from the Copaiba Tree in South America and is a sustainable process, it’s essentially a sap before being naturally refined.  

CBD oil works because it’s a cannabinoid and works with the CB2 receptors on the skins surface.  Copaiba is said to work with the same receptors, due to its high content of Beta Caryophyllene which like CBD triggers the release of Beta Endorphin, also known as “The happiness hormone” And also provides a combo aromatherapy effect that not only helps with inflammation and also eases anxiety and creates a general sense of wellness. Here is a study about the interaction of cannabinoids on the skins surface:

Plants over Pills for the win! 

Day to Day Life and Sport activities can leave the best of us feeling in need of recovery. Have you ever gone too hard on your post work Boot Camp? Is your Carpal Tunnel acting up? Arthritis in your hands? Would you like to reduce the amount of NSAID pain relievers you use? Maybe you are a Triathlete? It would only make sense that if you could find relief with a Balm used locally to address these issues and avoid taking a couple pills that would make sense right? Imagine if it worked! 

Broad Spectrum CBD Topical with Copaiba and Frankincense:

Exalted Naturals merges Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD, which is CBD in conjunction with other minor constituents such as CBG, CBN and CBV but no detectable amount of THC, which is the psychoactive component of Cannabis, known to get people “High” but also increase appetite and decrease nausea amongst other things with Copaiba and Frankincense. We did not talk in length about the Frankincense but it’s known as a penetrating essential oil in which is steam distilled from the resin that’s tapped from the Boswellia Serrata Trees. It seems to work in great synergy with the Copaiba and has been known to provide relief for arthritic conditions, especially in the hands. 

I myself use it for several things, including a recurring pain for a collarbone issue, I also have found relief from tension in and around my jaw and neck. Most people choose it for joint pain and muscle recovery after workouts such as long bike rides and for arthritic conditions. The feedback received has been positive and the product is 100% guaranteed.   

I hope my products are able to provide relief for the aches, pains, bumps and bruises that Life and Sport throw at you. 🌲☀️🌊

Copaiba and Frankincense CBD balm for muscle and joint pain with 600 mg  CBD:

Frankincense Balm with CBD, Copaiba plus CBD

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