Hiking is a great activity for fitness and wellness.

Hello everybody and welcome to Exalted Naturals Blog.  This is a place where we touch on an eclectic mix of topics related to Life and Sport as well as how Hemp CBD oil along with other cannabinoids and botanicals help to improve both the day to day Life and Sport activities.

San Diego is a great hiking destination as well as the birthplace of Exalted Naturals. 

Here I am creating a post at 5,085 feet elevation, from the Granite Springs Hiking Trail in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, located in San Diego, CA.  Hiking in San Diego County is great due to many local open space parks like Mission Trails Regional Park, Iron Mountain, Potato Chip Rock, Torrey Pines and more. Those are just a few and this is before even mentioning the local mountains where there are over 20 peaks over 5,000 feet. 

It’s safe to say San Diego is a great hiking destination, and what makes it even more amazing is these are all within 1-50 miles of downtown. Maybe you don’t want to go so hard, in that case you can take a nice stroll around Balboa Park and then head to one of San Diego’s beaches or even grab a bite to eat at a Cantina or a couple beers at one of San Diego’s local breweries, there are many of both, if you ever plan to visit, shoot over an email and say hello, I’m like a tour guide. So what part of the world do you live in? Are there any trails? Have you checked? Hiking may be the sustainable fitness activity you have been looking for. 

Hiking is a great for wellness and fitness:

Hiking is one of the best activities for getting fit, staying fit and is great for fitness levels ranging from beginner level to advanced and everywhere in between, my best advice for a beginner to fitness is to just make improvements and don’t be hard on yourself, ignore the scale and pay attention to how you feel. It also does not matter whether you are a weekend warrior or someone who chooses to fill every ounce of their leisure time with Physical Activity; which by Kinesiology definition is deliberate movement with a goal in mind, such as a 3 mile run, doing 30 push ups or even taking that first walk after an injury, no matter where you are starting, it’s always best to choose something scaleable and that you enjoy. 

Hiking meets both of those points for many and is very easy to add to any training routine as a recovery activity, leisure activity or even as the focal point of your training with weighted hikes, pack hiking and more. Another great thing about hiking is a low barrier of entry, all you really need is some sensible athletic clothing, a good water bottle and a pair of shoes, typically a good pair of hiking shoes can be purchased for $80.00-$100.00 and they tend to go up in price as the demands increase, If just walking on a nicely manicured community trail, regular athletic shoes will be fine. 

My experience with Hiking for fitness and wellness:

I have found that hiking is great for creating a sense of homeostasis; meaning I feel that the nature of hiking as an activity is balancing since it combines, fresh air, often times near trees that produce oxygen through photosynthesis and it’s broad knowledge that Vitamin D which is well known as a mood booster and antidepressant is basically synthesized through exposure to the sun as well as in foods like mushrooms. If getting solar Vitamin D, make sure you protect yourself adequately against over exposure. 

”A wiseman climbs Mt Fuji once.”

Getting out on the hiking trail I’ve found a sustainable foundation for maintaining fitness and equilibrium in many facets of life. I’ve been on many noteworthy mountain tops, mostly local and it started with local hikes here at a place called Cowles Mountain, no plans to climb Mt Fuji but many challenges are still available and who knows where the journey takes us.

Active Meditation while winding through the Earth:

Hiking trails offer a great place to re-center, get away from technology and challenge yourself in nature. The variances of terrain engage many different muscles both large and small, you also transition between flowing and meditative exercise that transitions to High Intensity Interval Training when confronted with steeper inclines, HIIT training has many benefits including decreased fat, better sleep and mood, and you can structure any hike to be a High Intensity Interval Hike, as well as time your efforts, run certain sections or simply get the blood pumping after a long day while taking the time to smell the roses, there really isn’t any right or wrong way to do this. 

A beautiful ocean view from Torrey Pines Hiking Trail:

Five reasons hiking is a great wellness activity:

  1. Excellent for all fitness levels, hiking is very scalable, pick a trail and get moving, simply increase intensity over time. 
  2. Meditative while active at the same time. There is something about being in nature and getting oxygen while also increasing your heart rate and clearing your mind that’s special, I consider it active meditation. 
  3. Low barrier to entry, a good pair of hiking shoes cost between $80.00-$100.00 Get a water bottle and wear some active gear and you’re ready for many trails. Equipment demands change as the level of trails you hike increases. 
  4. Can be added to virtually any training program or can be the foundation of your fitness program. Hiking can be done at your leisure and does not require specialized training.
  5. Hiking is also a great group activity and allows you to meet new and interesting people, while also getting some exercise. 

Hiking and CBD Products:

You may have guessed it;  Exalted Naturals, a maker of specialized CBD balms would be adamant about how this wonderful plant medicine could be a great addition to an already great activity like hiking. My experience is that CBD when used in a tincture form is really great for the mind body connection, I feel a calming effect that allows for deep and rhythmic breathing and I also notice faster muscle recovery and an off the grid feeling of active meditation. 

After today’s hike I was a bit over heated and had a few bites from horse flies on my neck, I was able to address that with my Cooling Mint Eucalyptus Balm which is part of the Exalted Naturals Life and Sport collection of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD balms, also used on my feet which felt overworked. I can’t think of a better way to test these wonderful products. 

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Enjoyed reading the authentic blog with a real flavor to it!
Also inspires me to keep hiking and up my game
Already use the Exaltednaturals CBD Balms and they are super useful for all types of muscle recovery or even bug 🐛 bites which I get gardening

Charese Herrington August 08, 2020

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