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Exalted Naturals offers clean and natural personal care products for Life and Sport. So where did this Life and Sport theme come from? 

Well to begin with as an aromatherapist/product developer and a lover of the outdoors, especially hiking, mountain biking, as well indoor stuff like  weight lifting and enjoying the ocean.  All of these activities combined with an active job running a small specialty cleaning business and an off and on battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma gave me the inspiration to create clean hygiene products along with solutions to take care of the bumps, bruises and irritations at times brought on by my life and activities.  All products sold are used by myself and created with love and care.  So where did the Life and Sport theme come from?

Alternatives is the answer to that question. Everybody who uses an aluminum free natural deodorant is alive, hence life. We also live our daily lives doing life tasks like going to work and fun stuff like that, so it’s fair to say that you brush your teeth either before or after you put on your natural deodorant cream by Exalted Naturals, so of course a tooth cleaning powder sans fluoride would be an awesome addition to your natural product Life game. Fresh breath and bright smiles are great.

Another thing is, the dedication to reducing plastic. Sea life is Life too right?  Have you ever seen pictures of the Pacific Garbage Patch?  All of Exalted Naturals Products are packaged in easier to re-purpose, or compostable packaging such as glass jars. It’s also in the plans to reduce or eliminate the plastic caps and foam inserts as well as compostable labels. 

So back to the tooth powder, it’s suggested to use it with a soft bristle and compostable tooth brush made of bamboo, which is coming soon to the website.  

Jar recycling program, sounds like a great idea right? For every 5 jars used, we will send you one product of your choice whether it’s the natural deodorant or the tooth cleaning powder.  You simply send a photo of how the jars were re-purposed/recycled and choose a product of your liking, either deodorant or tooth powder, pain relief balms are not included in the return item program but something will be worked on.

Where did the Sport part of Life and Sport come from? Well after a nice hike, bike ride, weightlifting session or whatever activity you love, sometimes you have places to go right after. That’s great because if used as directed, Exalted Naturals Life and Sport Natural Deodorant Cream has you covered with long lasting protection so you can be sporty before happy hour and not clear the room.  

What else is sporty? Getting beat up from long Life tasks like work or your CrossFit session? A new CBD pain relief balm of course.  The latest addition to Exalted Naturals Life and Sport line up is a well designed CBD isolate muscle balm.  It’s also a CBD salve and has several different uses including sore muscle relief, chapped lips, sunburn relief, mosquito bites, skin irritations, muscle recovery and myself being a Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor, it’s my hope that it can soothe pain for those who are dealing with radiation treatment. CBD radiation relief balm? I don’t see why not and with 0% THC and all the benefits of CBD along with skin conditioning plant butters, arnica oil for pain relief and 3 soothing and anti inflammatory essential oils, it’s a great addition to your Life and/or Sport activities.

Please be patient, as of now we are still adding product photos and descriptions, since we changed the products labels and more.  Thanks  and stay fresh.






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