Why a natural deodorant?


Hello and welcome to Exalted Naturals first blog post. Today it was decided to start off where Exalted Naturals began and that’s with deodorant. 

Fear mongering is not the way Exalted Naturals prefers to sell products. Offering alternatives is the reason that Exalted Naturals exists.  One natural care product that has received a lot of press is Aluminum free natural deodorant, and if you are here reading, it’s obviously something you are interested in. 

Anti perspirant deodorants do a great job of stopping the process of sweating and they work by plugging up your armpits with metals and interfering with the natural processes of sweating and detoxing, that can’t be good. 

There are stories of anti perspirant deodorants and the chemicals they contain such as harmful aluminums and parabens being linked to cancers and other diseases. Whether or not these links can be proven is not established at this point but why risk it? 

If there are no “established” health risks from using anti perspirants, why are there so many people making the switch?  I think we can all agree that it’s best to avoid something that’s rumored to cause health problems, that’s what we are here for, alternatives.

So maybe you have tried to make the switch and have even found products that work, often times these deodorants contain baking soda which is very effective, the problem is that it causes a rash for some, since it’s alkaline in nature and can disturb the skins acid mantle. Armpits and skin in general likes to stay just a little bit on the acidic side. 

So here you are reading and wondering what makes this product different? Exalted Naturals deodorant cream is a cream deodorant that is applied using the finger tips, different right?  It’s actually great once you get used to it. You can apply the product as to where it absorbs into your skin like lotion and as an added bonus, it’s powered by magnesium hydroxide and kaolin clay as versus baking soda which often causes a rash. 

Available in 5 scents which are essential oil based and chosen by a clinical aromatherapist for their safety and effectiveness, we will likely add to the list as time goes. All of the scents are gender neutral and effective as anti bacterials. 

A natural deodorant that’s free of any suspect chemicals and works for all skin types, sounds like a win win to me. 

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