Exalted Naturals, Natural Care Products for Life and Sport.

I’m Mark from San Diego, CA. An Outdoor and nature loving Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor, Natural CBD Product Formulator, Certified Aromatherapy Product Developer and creator of Exalted Naturals; Natural Care Products for Life and Sport. 

Having a Kinesiology background and a love for activities such as mountain biking, weight lifting, hiking, swimming and more. With all these activities, a physically demanding job running an eco friendly outdoor cleaning company and challenges I faced with a Hodgkins Lymphoma battle; creating natural solutions for the day to day demands of Life and Sport became a mission. 

I applied my knowledge of eco friendly cleaning products to the production of a Natural Deodorant and that’s where it started. After a lot of testing it was evident a great product was created, a shift in focus led me to developing a unique CBD pain relief balm. A product that’s tested by real people. 


This is the official page of Exalted Naturals, Natural Care Products for Life and Sport.  Listed below are our product guarantees.  

  • No Synthetic Ingredients
  • No Beeswax
  • No Animal Products or Bi Products
  • USA Hemp CBD produced by organic growing methods
  • All of our ingredients are Non GMO
  • No senseless packaging; a jar doesn’t need to be in a box
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Exalted Naturals is a small brand. We do what makes sense. No need to virtue signal, help the environment? Use glass, no senseless extra packaging. We don’t line up with any social justice issues aside from Liberty and Justice for all.