About Us/Product Disclaimer

Natural personal care, aromatherapy and other products for sport and life.  Most in easy to re-purpose glass containers.

My name is Mark Paolera, a San Diego, California native. I’m a Certified Clinical Master Aroma-therapist and the creator of Exalted Naturals. Makers of fine tooth cleaning powder that may re mineralize and whiten, natural cream deodorant that works without causing a rash, as well as other products for sport and life, including Hemp CBD oil products, as well other pain relief and stress management products.

My love of the Earth, mountain biking, hiking, weight lifting, enjoying the ocean, a happy hour or a little Tai Chi, basically whatever I'm able to do in between working and keeping focused in a world that's becoming more and more fast paced, is where my interest in natural care products for sport and life began.  Personal hygiene is as important as dealing with day to day aches, pains and stress.  

Most people use deodorant and I thinks its safe to say most people brush their teeth, so that's where it started. Exalted Naturals provides clean personal care products for those who want alternatives, We also offer the best Hemp CBD products which are 50 states legal and being added under the Exalted name for distribution. 

You don't need to be a health nut to be conscious of what you put on or into your body, or to clean up the products you apply to the body such as deodorant, or ingest such as tooth paste.  Whether its simply living life, working or working up a sweat, the quality of products we consume or use on our body are important.  

Through my own health challenges with a Hodgkin's lymphoma battle, I had time to think and contributing where I could became more and more important, so it started with effective natural cream deodorants and tooth cleaning powders both in eco friendly glass packaging and made in California. this along with San Diego CBD oil products 

The local eco-friendly specialty cleaning business that I started a number of years ago here in San Diego uses green and non toxic cleaning blends and it has always been well received on a local level. I decided to apply the same level of care to creating Exalted’s personal care and selected pain and stress management.

When you consider there are studies that say the skin absorbs 80% of what we put on it and then the buzz about how anti perspirants are designed to plug up the pores in your Axilla region, AKA armpits, which interferes with the bodies natural detox process, along with hearing of potential links to serious illness and even stories of Doctors advice to stop using a Paraben laced anti-perspirant deodorant and that's enough to motivate anyone to make the switch. 

Exalted Naturals Cream Deodorant is carefully formulated and put through a lot of testing and many hours on hiking trails, mountain bike rides, in the weight room, during active work days, stressful situations and more.  It has been tested by many brave humans, friends, family, clients of my other business and people I have never met, all product/recipe changes have been made based on the feedback we have received. 

As the product has reached more and more people it has become evident that it works.  We have ended up with a smooth textured non irritating and highly effective product which disappears into your Axilla/Armpits like lotion and it works! 

Our tooth cleaning powders are loaded with holistic ingredients which have antiseptic qualities, anti bacterial qualities, detoxing qualities and along with freshening your breath, they may also whiten and re-mineralize your teeth.

All of our products are minus any of the ingredients listed below  

  • No Parabens
  • No harmful aluminum compounds
  • No Triclosan
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • No Steareths
  • No artificial fragrance
  • No SLS
  • No TEA/DEA
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Flouride

There is absolutely No Animal Testing and No Animal Products in anything Exalted Naturals produces.

Exalted Naturals Product Disclaimer

 Exalted Naturals does not act as licensed or certified doctor/medical professionals. We do not diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure any disease, physical or mental. Our services and advice are not intended as a substitute for regular medical care performed by a licensed or certified doctor or dental professional.  The information or advice provided here is for educational purposes only. We educate and inform about holistic, natural alternatives for skincare, wellness, personal care and health. Exalted Naturals specifically disclaims any liability for any adverse reactions in any way associated with the use of its products. Any reliance on any information or materials provided herein is done so recognizing no warranties exist on Exalted Naturals products.