Q. Why a deodorant cream in a jar, instead of a stick? 

A.  The jar is used because it’s more eco friendly and easy to re purpose, for those that are new to a jar deodorant, it’s really easy to get used to and it’s highly effective. Other packaging has been researched for a stick but no true solution for packaging at this point. 

Q.  Will this natural deodorant cause me a rash?

A.  So far so good. There have been no complaints about rashes. This product is powered by clays and magnesium hydroxide as versus baking soda which is the culprit for most rashes.  If you do have any adverse reaction please contact us via email so we can figure out a solution.

Q.  I have long nails, is there an easier way to dispense the product other than with my fingers? 

A.  We just recently sourced these amazing bamboo applicators that make it easier to scoop the product from the jar and even apply the product.  We do suggest massaging the product in to your armpits until it’s completely absorbed, as that’s when it performs its best.


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