Hemp CBD Balm, Calming Chamomile, 300 Mg Nano CBD Isolate. Multi purpose CBD topical. Anti Inflammatory and skin soothing.

Exalted Naturals

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Life and Sport; 300 Mg Hemp CBD Balm.  Calming Chamomile.  Small batch produced in San Diego, CA. 
Exalted Naturals CBD topicals are expert crafted with life and sport in mind. As a natural care products formulator, CBD expert, lover of outdoors and fitness activities; along with having a strenuous day job and being a Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor, these balms were put to the test.  I am happy to share what helped me.  Each CBD Life and Sport balm we create is multi-purpose to be used as a balm or salve, originally created for sports massage. 
They are crafted with lab tested and non GMO CBD isolate with 0% THC, so they are approachable by anyone that wants to give CBD a try. Topical CBD balms are known to help with an array of issues such as sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis, headaches, jaw pain, overworked muscles, sunburn, dry and irritated skin, bug bites, chapped lips, post workout recovery, overworked hands and more.  CBD balm for Sciatica? CBD topical for arthritis? It can’t hurt to try. 
Ingredient Profile
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil: A skin conditioning and anti inflammatory powerhouse, with anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. High in Lauric acid which is a potent anti inflammatory.
Organic Shea Butter: A skin soothing and anti inflammatory plant butter from Africa, that's known as one of the best protectors of skin and for deep moisture.
Organic Avocado Oil: Known as a dry oil, Avocado oil provides excellent moisture and skin conditioning without being greasy or heavy.
Candelilla Wax: An alternative to beeswax that calms skin, seals in moisture and creates a barrier to protect from dryness.
Vitamin E Oil: An anti oxidant which is excellent for skin health and keeps the product stable.
300 mg Nano CBD Isolate: Nano CBD isolate is known to be a potent anti inflammatory and pain reliever.  Isolate means the CBD is separated from the other constituents so there is 0% THC which means no chance of a failed drug test.  
Calming Chamomile Profile:
Calming Chamomile with 300 Mg CBD isolate. Chamomile’s main terpene Chamazulene is best known for its qualities as a calming and soothing sedative. Great for relief of tense or sore muscles and massage spot treatment. 
As an anti inflammatory and soothing essential oil, chamomile is also gentle on the skin and has an amazing herbal and apple like scent.  
Best Uses:
Calming Chamomile is the best CBD Eczema relief balm and is great for soothing of dry skin, irritations, minor muscle pain relief, headaches, sunburn relief and as a relaxing CBD massage balm. 
Apply as needed for desired therapeutic usage, whether it be massage, muscle or joint pain, skin conditioning and more.  A little goes a long way.  Can be used on on body, hands, feet, jawline and lips.  Avoid contact with eyes and mucus membranes.