Tooth cleansing powder, re-mineralizes and whitens teeth with trace minerals. Spearmint

Tooth cleansing powder, re-mineralizes and whitens teeth with trace minerals. Spearmint

Exalted Naturals

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Exalted Naturals Life and Sport tooth cleansing powder is an alternative to your traditional tooth paste, which typically contains fluoride, triclosan, SLS and other suspect ingredients. 

Tooth whitening powder and remineralizing tooth powder has grown in popularity with the advent of charcoal tooth powders, which we went ahead and left out since our formula is just as effective as well as gentler on the enamel.  

A trace mineral tooth powder which is gentle enough for daily use and is to maintain overall dental health, freshens breath and may re-mineralize and whiten teeth and detox your gums,  all without any synthetic chemicals or messy charcoal. It comes in a full size and easy to re purpose/recycle glass jar. 

It’s Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free and as always there is no animal testing or products used. 

There are no fillers in this powder and all high quality clays and organic essential oils that may do an excellent job cleaning and detoxing teeth, while being gentle enough for daily use.  


Kaolin Clay: Gently cleans and gives the powder a smooth feel when brushing. There is no foam like in SLS ridden toothpastes but it provides a similar experience. 

Bentonite Clay: Also a gentle cleaner full of trace minerals which may help whiten and re mineralize your teeth, as well as detox them. 

Aluminum Free Baking Soda: A mouth freshening power house that cleans teeth without scratching them. 

Calcium Carbonate: Your teeth are made of this stuff so it helps to strengthen them. 

Organic Stevia: A natural non sugar sweetener, just enough to lightly sweeten the powder and it’s safe and natural.

Organic Spearmint Essential Oil: Spearmint oil freshens breath and adds a great flavor to the tooth powder.

(Directions) Dip lightly damp toothbrush in powder, brush teeth and rinse, suggested use twice per day. It’s also suggested to floss daily.

This is a natural product and not evaluated nor regulated by the FDA or ADA.

Tooth cleaning powder is an amazing alternative to the traditional toothpastes on the market and there is amazing evidence of how well it works for tooth and gum health.  While our powder is highly effective, we are not suggesting that anyone use it as a substitute for going to the dentist. Our product is intended as a natural alternative for those who want an effective oral care product, that is also free of anything made in a laboratory.