Tooth powder, natural tooth cleaning powder by Exalted Naturals. Chemical free tooth cleaner
Tierra Tooth cleaning powder Whitens and re-mineralizing powder, Orange Spearmint

Tierra Tooth cleaning powder Whitens and re-mineralizing powder, Orange Spearmint

Exalted Naturals

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Tierra Tooth Cleaning Powder by Exalted Naturals is an amazing product for those looking to make the switch from the traditional foamy SLS and Glycerin containing tooth pastes. 

Tierra is a powder, which is actually not a new concept. It may take a little getting used to for most who have never used one. Once you make the switch and notice the numerous ways this product benefits you, no more weird film in your mouth, less sensitivity, whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath as well as the fact its more practical than what you are used to in the tube, you will likely keep using the powder. Listed are the ingredients and why we use each one.

  • Food Grade Bentonite Clay.  Detoxes teeth and gums, removes plaque and helps to re-mineralize teeth/whiten.
  • Calcium Carbonate.  Helps to remove plaque and re-mineralize teeth.
  • Aluminum Free Baking Soda.  Freshens Breath, helps create a less acidic environment in the mouth and also cleans teeth.
  • Organic Clove Powder.  A potent anti bacterial and germ killer with the active component eugenol, also has slight numbing qualities and is useful in preventing gum disease, great for sensitive teeth.
  • Organic Ginger Powder.  Ginger is a potent anti-inflammatory and is excellent for tooth and gum health.
  • Organic Neem Powder.  Neem is a natural anti-microbial remedy, that assists in whitening of the teeth and stops bacteria that may lead to gum disease.
  • Myrrh Powder.  This powder serves as a natural remedy to gum problems the world over.  Great for gum health and prevention of bad breath.
  • Organic Spearmint Powder.  Great for freshening breath, adds flavor to the blend.  
  • Organic Cinnamon Powder.  Anti-bacterial, anti inflammatory and tastes good.
  • Organic Stevia Powder.  Sweetens the tooth powder so it tastes good, also helps generate saliva during brushing.
  • Essential oils of Spearmint, Peppermint, Orange.  Depending on product, these oils are anti bacterial and add flavor to the Tierra.

    How to use the product:

    A little goes a long way, if used twice per day, most people find the product will last 3 months.  

    Dip slightly wet tooth brush in the jar and brush as normal with a soft bristle brush, lightly massaging gums.  Use it as you would a normal tooth paste twice per day and along with flossing teeth at least once per day. 

    You can also use a plate to dispense a little bit of the product to dip your tooth brush in. Its suggested to use purified water to rinse, to allow teeth to help product re-mineralize teeth.


    Every ingredient in Tierra is all natural and serves a purpose and there are no cheap fillers, no foamy detergents which are literally worthless and none of the chemicals listed below.  If you are here you likely have done a little research on why the chemicals listed below, a couple are said to cause disease, one is considered a pesticide and another is in your laundry detergent, enough said.  

    • No Triclosan
    • No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)
    • No Artificial Sweeteners
    • No Fluoride
    • No Propylene Glycol
    • No (DEA)
    • No Microbeads

    As always, there is No Animal Testing/No Animal Products used by Exalted Naturals.

    This is a natural product and not evaluated nor regulated by the FDA or ADA.